VISHANU RAKSHAK - Launch Basic information regarding VR working and its uses.

Words of appreciation by Hon'ble MLA Amin Patel Sir in Assembly for the work done so far by for treating Critical Covid patients and serving the mankind.

St. George Hospital in Mumbai is a facility dedicated to critical COVID-19 patients.

Superintendent, Dr. Akash Khobragade says 'the occupancy rate is at 100% but death rate has declined since March'

!! अभिमानास्पद !! ...  "सेंट जॉर्जेस रूग्णालयाचे कर्मचारी श्री राजू चव्हाण यांचे थेट मुख्यमंत्र्यांकडून कौतुक"

Ground Report From Mumbai's St George Hospital On How It's Preparing For A Rise In COVID-19 Cases

Mumbai Corona Warriors: Covid-19 युद्धात लढतायत, मग अंध वा विकलांग असले तर काय झालं?