The historical background of St. George’s Hospital, Mumbai known as the European general hospital, begins at the close of the 17th Century after the death of Sir George Oxendon, the first Governor of Mumbai in July 1669, Gerald Aungier, a man of great wisdom and foresight and who is still remembered as the real founder of Mumbai tookover charge as the 2nd Governor of Mumbai and shifted his headquarter from Surat to Mumbai in the middle of 1672, and started his reforms that were changed the face of Mumbai Island. He built fort George to fortify the defense of Mumbai.

It is fascinating to know that a small fragment of the said fort was still forms a part of Eastern Boundary wall of the St.George’s Hospital because of the fort, the area is known as fort. In 1675, the Court of Directors formerly sanctioned the erection of the hospital. It appears that the proposed building was never erected and that instead of a new Court of judicature was built in the bazaar Market, while the old court situated on the esplanade to the south east of the present Cooperage was transformed into a hospital in 1677. Works were carried out by Khan Bahadur Muncherji Kavasji under the supervision of Mr. T. D. Little, Chief Engineer of the north Division.

An Excellent and Well Equipped Multi Specialty St. George’s Hospital was Opened for Use of the Public on Tuesday, 20th Dec 1892.